The Deepest Indoor Pool in Asia: DIVECUBE HOTEL

A Safe Heaven
For Freedivers All Year Round

Destination Recommendation Rate: ★★★★☆


DIVECUBE HOTEL is currently the deepest indoor pool in not just Taiwan, but among the Asian areas. It is 21 meters (68.90 feet) deep and is divided into several depth zones so that divers in different levels can enjoy these spaces with their own needs. As its name suggests, Divecube Hotel is a composite structure including indoor pool, restaurants, and accommodation areas. It is created for urban dwellers and travelers to enjoy a safe, twenty-four seven static water environment for diving. The water temperature is set at around 30 Celsius degree (86 Fahrenheit degree) so divers may dive carefreely without the burden of wetsuits and weighs. Despite all the merits, it charges relatively higher compared to other indoor pools with depth. Each time section is 1.5 hour long and it costs NTD1,500 (USD50) per person. For accommodation, booking in groups will be tremendously inexpensive than in solo. The location is not that friendly so staying in Divecube Hotel would be a better choice for travelers. Overall speaking, I consider Divecube Hotel a rather nice option during winter, and as for the other seasons, diving in the ocean is definitely the top choice!

DIVECUBE Building Layout © FiDive To Be Free

Get Start to Dive at the 4F: Entrance to the 21m Deep Pool

DIVECUBE Indoor Pool Entrance © FiDive To Be Free

Normally about 5-10 buoys are set in the pool in different depth zones; freedivers can utilize them at will. The changing rooms and lockers are in the 3F, so divers can come up to the 4F with light stuff. For group booking, a minimum of 8PAX can register for night dive at a discount price (NTD1350/USD45). As for the other time section, the pool are allowed up to 30 people for both scuba divers and freedivers.

The 21-meter Deep Zone © FiDive To Be Free

The deepest area is quite spacious, and its dark walls successfully create the illusion of depth, making freedivers feel it is deeper than 21 meters. For me, I imagine it as one of my dream destinations, the Dean’s Blue Hole in the Bahamas.

DIVECUBE Street View Window © FiDive To Be Free

A large window is set on one side of the walls, and this window is visible for the passerby on the street outside the building. If catching a right angle, freedivers may make some photoshoot effects, such as mirror reflection. The window is placed at about 8 meters deep from the surface.

DIVECUBE Street View Window © FiDive To Be Free

Group photoshoot with the window. Since the depth is rather shallow, my diving buddy and I utilized FRC (Functional Residual Capacity) techniques to balance our bodies from the interference of buoyance. It is a convenient technique to make our bodies stay stable and static, but it is perilous for beginners as it could seriously damage our lungs, resulting in lung barotrauma (lung squeeze). Thus, before practicing FRC techniques, it is strongly suggested to obtain advices from a professional instructor.

© FiDive To Be Free

Depth is not the only highlight in DIVECUBE. A man-made ship wreck is inside those walls awaiting for scuba divers to explore, and those holes on the walls are the access to the wreck. However, for safety concern, freedivers are NOT allowed to dive in. So cave diving is not gonna happen here.

© FiDive To Be Free

DIVECUBE is also an ideal place to practice no fin dive. The bright, spacious platform at 11 meters deep from the surface, and on the left side is another window which is visible for diners in the restaurants in this building.

© FiDive To Be Free

An 1.5 hour long dive is certainly not enough for those addicted freediving, but as mentioned, it could be used as a substitute for diving in ocean during freezing times.

DIVECUBE HOTEL (Taiwan, Taichung City)
TEL: +886-4-2355-2208


Fifi Tseng started her journey of freediving since 2017. During a vacation in Palawan, the Philipines, she was amazed by a local boatman who dived into 20+ meters deep water and brought back a stunning shell to show her the beauty of the island -- the man dived simply with a dive mask and a single fin-like shoe for kicking. She was deeply moved by this approach to get closer to the big blue that she loved and therefore became a passionate freediver. Her ultimate dream is to freedive in the Great Blue Hole in Belize, to the bottom.


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